Our Needs

Haven’s needs are pretty straightforwards. We are looking to build a strong public space, and we need individuals to populate it. In general, these are the main types of people we’re looking for right now.


Haven currently has two major types of writing projects going on. Leadership Education, and Creative Fiction. We are looking for individuals who are interested in either or both nonfiction and fiction writing. For examples of the nonfiction writing we plan to do, check out our Educational Vision Plan. To look deeper into our creative projects, check out our Creative Future.

Animators/Visual Artists

The two creative projects we have coming up are named The Dogs Day, and End Time’s. Our creative director, Alec Mustafayev, wants to turn both of these stories into animations, and so we are looking to get connected with individuals who want to put time into creating an in depth story alongside us. If you’re interested, contact us at facebook.com/havenfestpvd


Haven looks to be what we call a deliberate village. That is, we aim to create an inclusive public space that exists independent of school, work, or blood family ties. We call this space Haven because our aim is to create an ideal sanctuary, where individuals true desires are not just considered the interesting hobbies of our friends, but are deeply valued by the community, with each member taking time and effort to expand each others mission. You can see who has decided to be a part of Haven already by checking out The Haven Village and the Villagers here. We hope to continue to grow and use our community to serve more and more people in the area. If you’re looking to be around leaders, creators, and passionate individuals, reach out to us at facebook.com/havenfestpvd


We are made up of a young group mostly. We are making forays into education, into music, and into the creative arts. People who want to advise us on business and on these subjects are welcome.

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