The Haven Village and its Villagers


Providence Haven

Mission: To unfragment our local communities by providing a supportive village in which genre leaders can more easily work on local and global issues.

Description: Providence Haven’s goal is to be a collaborative village of people with shared values. We aim to work with people who want to be leaders in their given field to give them the community, skillset and space necessary to inspire personal and community change. We offer resources such as leadership training. vision planning, and hopefully eventually affordable communal housing for our members.

Jairson Ascencao

Mission: A society where individual ideals are upheld inside of deliberate family units.

Description: Jairson Ascencao is a Rhode Island native who has made his life goal to inspire those around him to become more than what is expected of them. “The individual is far more powerful than we’ve been led to believe” are some of his words that drive him every day to provide a platform of stability for his loved ones to more easily walk down the path towards the people they truly want to become. Click here to learn more about his goals.

Nickanthony Quach

Mission: Thumoslang (Social education) in Elementary Schools.

Description: A mathematician turned philosopher, this man is inspired to reinvigorate our global education system with a never before seen method of leadership training and social education. Check out his work Thumos: Adulthood, Love, and Collaboration to see his efforts to aid our children on their path to becoming true adults in our society.

Shira Bedford

Mission: “To create drivers for society to treat its members as people with emotions, personalities, and opinions rather than as cold numbers.”

Description: Shira is a young college student at Brown University. Caught up inside the majors of Philosophy and Law, she hopes that Haven can help her feel like she has a support system and method with which to “give people the opportunity and resources to feel comfortable and like they are seen.” Shira wants “to make everyone feel seen from a societal standpoint and from a policy standpoint.”

Samantha Dick

Mission: To encourage a thoughtful and essential conversation that exemplifies the art of effective communication and active listening.

Description: A college student that goes to Salve Regina, she is trying to help people understand the essence of conversation and how effective communication can revolutionize our social world. This is a very new project for her, but as it grows and changes she hopes this project will bear fruits relevant to today’s current events and growing global consciousness.

Ari Kohorn

Mission: To help be the reason one day the majority of homes and cities are powered by renewable energy.

Description: A RISD graduate. Arthur “Ari” Kohorn lives in Providence and has recently started his journey towards becoming a serious nexus for the environmental and renewable energy communities. Currently self educating in order to get the NABCEP certifications necesary to move towards becoming an Electrical Engineer in the solar field, you should keep your eyes on this guy as he grows into a leader in his field.

James Monteiro

Mission: “I want to show people a world that is not bland or boring, that parkour can be a tool to see the world around them more differently and that the obstacles one faces in life are not impossible to overcome.

Description: A man who believes that “play can be used even through adulthood to enjoy life to its fullest potential. And through parkour showing people to be present with there aliveness and making meaningful memories in there pursuit of finding themselves on there journey.”

Quote from James: “I want haven to have helped me get back on track, prepare me well on my path to have become a parkour expert and a leader in my community and have given me a wider understanding of how an ideal society can come into fruition. Also to have helped me in my personal journey in becoming more one with myself knowing my dreams and seeing them come true.”

Colsen Joseph Goldrick

Mission Statement: Only through regimented practice of “true humanity” can corruption end and progress begin. True humanity is the practice of self inflicted [observation] and interpersonal devotion to prosperity and direction. Only through this self governing can humanity become unified.

Description: A seemingly nomadic entity that has spent years moving in search to the cure of separation. After rejecting their former name and retitling themselves as Colsen, they began writing poetry as an evisceral form of self scrutiny and reconstruction. Through this they began a philosophy that upholds carnality fluid with nobility and self service. This became titled as “True Humanity” Colsen is also a rounded musician. The music they create is geared to be interspective through coroidally introspective lyricism and complex rythmns. Colsen is currently recording an album titled “Seafoam Green” which will be an experimental rnb/rap album. Colsen’s ultimate goal is to build one unique thing in each relationship they create.

Current Residence: Mastic Beach, Long Island

Andrea Gonzalez

Mission: To be a Nexus and provide people with the resources they need as I become a Social Worker

Description: A young Classical High School student, Andrea Gonzalez has the drive of someone several years her elder. Whether she’s spending her time sewing masks to aid the pandemic, teaching elementary school children in her spare time, or educating her peers on sexual safety and LGBTQ issues, Andrea is dedicated to using her time to be a resource for the members of her community. Keep an eye on this shining star to see what a young teen who understands their potential can really do with their time.

Hailey Cote

Mission: “Eventually, I would like to have my own business in Rhode Island. That’s because I want to be able to have teens in care and on probation be able to come to my business if they want to work on trucks or build something.”

Description: Hailey Cote is a group home resident and interested in Haven so that she can “Learn how to understand better, learn how to work in management, work on [her] communication skills and be a better role model for others in care.

Elias Turner (Tengu)

Mission: To create consciousness raising music and entertainment for the people.

Description: Elias Turner is a Met High School graduate who is in love with creation. His focus is music, and he identifies strongly with the songs that he produces. Currently, he is working to create an album named Third Eye Wide for his music group by the same name. Check out some of his current work in The Creative Haven

Norman D. Baker

Paracity: Giving Leadership (Formerly King of Leadership)

Mission: To create an agency for people who are leaders and for those ready to become leaders in their genre of life. I want to connect those who are ready to improve our quality of living by providing them with a space that easily connects them with communities and resources that support the same ideals. If someone sees a problem, I’d like to provide the means towards the solution.

Description: A New England native with an Associates in Global Management, Norman D. Baker is a man who has always wanted to improve how people treat each other. Today, he works with Providence Haven, on a path to becoming a person who finds the needs of groups and communities, and connects them to the people who have the skills and the resources to provide the solutions to those needs. In his words, “I want to improve the standard of living for everyone.”

Alec Mustafayev

Mission: ” I plan to show my listeners the meaning behind their struggles and passions. Demonstrate the meaning behind their entire lives.”

Description: Alec Mustafayev is a Classical High School graduate with his head firmly on his shoulders. Dedicated to storytelling in all its forms Alec is dedicated to allowing the culmination of his experiences create deep and meaningful stories that can give the readers and viewers moments of clarity that can help them to peer past the concealing veil that our societies norms often place upon individuals. Check out some of his current work in The Creative Haven


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