The Creative Haven

Our Future

Our Vision

As a creators’ Hub, Haven looks to make it much easier for its members to make their creations. Whether it is being able to facilitate the development of music, such as through Third Eye Wide, or through the connection of individuals to necessary resources, like connecting writers to animators, Haven looks to facilitate the creation of culture.

One Day, a Coop

Providence Haven often refers to itself as a deliberate village, because it looks to inspire a new community and public space for individuals to interact. whether through art, music, or leadership, members are able to connect in a community that is motivated, open to all, and meant to protect ideals.

Currently, Haven Has 6 members who have stated that they would move into a coop facility. We’re looking to have about 8 before moving into a new space.

To begin with we hope for the coop to have, among other things, an open space for writing and meetings, a recording studio for music and audio recording, and a painters cave/sculpture space for a variety of visual and physical art.


All for the People

We aim to provide an affordable food cooping system so that members of the public can become food coopers and dine with us in this home.

And we aim to foster as much collaboration as possible between members and entities of Providence and the greater surrounding areas. Please join us in creating spaces for individuals to pursue their happiness.

Our Creative Timeline

Currently, Haven members have 2 serious creative projects on the table.

Third Eye Wide

Third Eye Wide is a rap collective started by Elias Turner, a rapper who has been a part of Haven since it’s inception. A proud Rhode Island rapper, his mission with the rap collective Third Eye Wide is to bring more consciousness raising music into the ears of his generation. Currently on a journey to finish Third Eye Wide’s first album, Elias is partnering with Norman D. Baker and Providence Haven in order to create music videos that can offer a sense of empowerment to the viewers.


Alec Mustafayev is our resident fiction writer. The most current story Alec is working on as of June 18th, 2020, is known as The Dogs Day. A Sci Fi story reminiscent of “1984,” or “A Brave New World,” This book explores a world in which Virtual Reality and Virtual Gambling have become the major vices of the world, and follows the story of a female main character who accidentally becomes trapped in the virtual realms and discovers that the world she was a part of isn’t what she thought it was.

Alec is a prolific writer, with many more stories in the works and coming to you soon.

Protecting Ideals

Haven was founded as an impulse and grew to be a group that works to help others keep the flames of their passions lit. We call these passions ideals, or true desires. Oftentimes, it can be incredibly difficult to find a foundation that can let our ideas bear the fruit lying within us. Rather than continuing to leave our friends and future generations floundering for the recognition necessary to feel as though our ideas and passions are valid, Haven exists to create a sanctuary for ideals, so that those who join us and who see our literature and art can realize that they are far more powerful than they’ve been led to believe.

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