The Freedom Fighters Podcast: Providence, RI

The time for complacency is over.

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Our Message

We believe that collective understanding and solidarity, especially among the working class is what will unify us. We aim for this platform to be a means of building community and raising collective social consciousness through unveiling the inner-workings of Rhode Island’s bureaucracy. Our work aims to resist exploitative capitalist social structures because for too long the sociopolitical trends of inequality have shown us that we can no longer stand in false solidarity with billionaires. Within our podcast episodes, we discuss a range of Rhode Island specific topics, from housing inaffordability, to policing and incarceration, to immigration rights and policy. But beyond these very prevalent issues, we seek to give voice to silenced histories, minority perspectives, and topics that will make you look at the world in new and progressive ways. We hope you join us on this journey and help us as audience members to publicly think through steps forward and break down the root causes of these issues. We aim to include community organizers, our own friends and family, and a vast array of perspectives to do this work through an intersectional lens. We are The Freedom Fighters, from Providence, Rhode Island, with love.

Our Projects

We aim to release a new podcast every month and we seek to be very active in our local community of Providence, Rhode Island and the surrounding areas. Each of us works through our professions in and with these communities and we remain committed to this lifelong struggle for justice. Revolution is coming and the time for complacency is over.

Our Feed

Our Organizers

Jairson Ascencao is a Rhode Islander who has been working with Haven since its conception. He is contributing to the podcast because he wants to unveil the “behind the scenes” activities going on in Rhode Island so that anyone who listens can understand the current workings and flaws of our local system. He currently works with Stages of Freedom as an Outreach Coordinator and is constantly working to bring creatives in our community closer together in pursuit of their dreams.

Miranda Grundy is a Rhode Islander and Brown University graduate who is fighting for some serious change alongside her companions. With a background in Ethnic, Cultural, and Urban Studies, experience in social policy research, and an interest in helping enact systemic change, she is constantly learning and analyzing the current state of our city and state. She works currently as an Americorps VISTA Fellow at OpenDoors RI, an organization centered around providing necessary resources to the formerly incarcerated.

The Plan

Together, our organizers plan to use this podcast as a way to empower the disadvantaged, by offering information and resources. They also plan to have relevant local leaders on the show to talk about the work being done to deal with issues such as inequality, police/prison reform, racism, LGBTQ rights, and immigration policy. And please remember, for our families, our friends, our community, our peers, because we see what unites us all, “we have nothing to lose but our chains.” -Assata Shakur


If you would like to help our organization Providence Haven, please consider donating through our Patreon. Your donations will aid our campaigns to do 3 things: Create political consciousness through our podcast, pay the artists we work with, and develop the writing we are creating in order to help our members become more effective at navigating the society we live in. We hope to be able to pay the community organizers and members that we invite on the show to discuss different topics, so your contributions make this all possible. Thanks so much!!! ♥️ – The Freedom Fighters

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