Our Actions

To Act is To Lead

One of Haven’s core beliefs is that the time to begin pursuing real life change is always now. Rather than spending so much time to find ourselves, Haven’s members prefer to create themselves through the constructs they build working with, and for others.

Here is the list of the projects, organizations, and products Haven members are currently building.

The Freedom Fighters – A sociopolitical podcast and activist group focused around empowering the disadvantaged, by offering information and resources, as well as providing a mechanism for local leaders to network and connect with each other about relevant issues.

Third Eye Wide – A community of Providence musicians and rappers dedicated to creating conscious raising and booty shaking music for the hungry ears of the world.

The Storytelling Paracity – A branch of Haven dedicated to the creation of culture through storytelling, via fictional books, animations, and worlds for individuals to enrich themselves and discover.

Haven’s School of Social Life – A true work in progress, this portion of Haven is dedicated to creating strong educational systems focused around the social world. Its aim is to teach individuals and groups to better understand respect, as well as diplomacy, and the skills it takes to become a leader in every sense of the word.

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