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We aim to unfragment our local communities by providing a supportive village in which people interested in leadership can more easily work on local and global issues. To learn about us, press on the following buttons.

Our Story

Haven Village works to create a new public space that can help individuals and communities create the change that needs to happen to make a stronger, and more inclusive world.

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In today’s world, young people too often find themselves isolated, confused, and unable to chart a path that brings meaning to their life. Enter Haven, a space where individuals can be in community, while also finding their path to meaningful work and a culture that supports each other in fulfilling dreams.

How It All Started

Haven is a concept that was spawned out of an impulse, and then built into reality by many in the Providence community and greater areas, like Norman D. Baker, and Alec Mustafayev. At first a place for they and their friends to purely enjoy themselves, and have community and each other, it quickly became more. The group, taking power from the idea that the “individual was far more powerful than we’ve been led to believe,” was dissatisfied with the Providence Haven group sticking to simply a entertainment space, and wanted to promote a community that could be consequential to the members lives.

They were tired of meeting adults and children who left their ideals behind after years and years of having their deepest internal desires mocked and treated as fairy tales. In one of the members words, “I meet person after person who have had limiting dogma put into their minds over and over until they were finally corrupted, and not only accepted those limits, but began to preach those limits themselves. I feel there is one reason I am here on this planet, and it is to allow people to see what they have the potential to become. There is a certain adulthood that comes in taking a stand for yourself and saying ‘No, you will not disrespect my ideals. “In fact, I need to grow myself in order to be able to accomplish what I see in front of me, and either you help me do that, or you can get out of my way.’

The very first day Haven ever took place

That’s why about 10 people have worked to help create Haven Village. Haven is a platform for you to chase your true potential.  We consider it an ideal development facility. It is often referred to as a village, because one of the futures it hopes to inspire is a world in which people don’t have to hold back their innermost wishes and desires until they are near the one or two others that support them, but one in which everyone around you, from your parents, to your mentors, to your neighbor on the street is excited to hear about your ideas and to help you develop your business, cause, or mission without envy or limitations.

Rather than limiting a person, what a community of dream chasers offers is the opportunity to help you increase your potential by creating a freeing facility for you to change your life. Never again should you walk into a room afraid to tell others about your deepest desires. And if you do meet a denier, know that they are nothing but a roadblock to the person you truly want to become. So stop listening to the people who do not believe, and join us in chasing our collective dreams.

The Freedom Fighters Podcast

The Freedom Fighters Providence are an offshoot of the Haven Community. They focus on dealing with socioeconomic issues in Rhode Island, and bringing the truth about the state to light in deep conversation with those who have direct experiences with issues like RI politics, the internal workings of Rhode Island’s prisons, the state of the affordable housing situation in RI, and more. Click here for more info.

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Learning Station

Facilitation One of the most used, integral parts of collaboration, is the ability to hold space and speak with each other. However, public speaking can be one of the scariest activities to participate in for people who are unused to it, and that’s why Haven works so hard to create open, and safe spaces, whereContinue reading “Learning Station”

Defund Ward 1

The Freedom Fighters Meet John Gonsalves, Ward 1’s City Councilman Currently, he’s on the fence about defunding the police, however, by working together, we can show him what his constituency really needs. Where do I begin? Just 2 or 3 calls can change a city councilperson’s position on an issue. John has already been provenContinue reading “Defund Ward 1”

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