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Some of the members of Haven have been developing education courses for individuals interested in expanding their social knowledge, and becoming more adept at navigating the complicated dynamics of social life. In short, we refer to this social education model as Thumoslang.

The State Of Haven’s Social Education System

As it stands currently, we don’t have too much ready and relevant for the individual to dive into when it comes to strongly built courses that can allow them to walk away feeling better prepared in the realm of their social skills or leadership. However, what we do have is pretty powerful.


As stated before, our system is built off of Thumoslang, which is a fairly developed nomenclature, focused around creating a better shared understanding of day to day social concepts and skills. This database has been building for some time, and currently has around 720 different terms within it.

The Thumos Book

We also have a book, called Thumos: Adulthood, Love, and Collaboration, which was the first attempt to give a person a framework for social life. It’s full of some very paradigm shifting nuggets when it comes to how you interact with others.

The Need for Growth

We as a collective see that social education is lacking on an easily accessible and practical level, and know that these skills can be incredibly empowering when it comes to increasing an individuals ability to garner respect, and leverage themselves. Seeing this issue is what spawned the Multi Phase Plan.

Phase 1: Building Examples of Social Education

At Haven, we know that change doesn’t just happen. It is supported by tools and strategies that can support one’s personal search.

The first phase involves the creation of our courses and books that will become the cornerstone of our education courses. Expect this to be updated with a more in depth description soon, but for now, these are the 4 books/courses we plan to be using as our method to creating more impactful, collaborative individuals.

1. Respect: a Beginners Guide To Social Life (Working Title)

A beginners welcome to social life, this guide focuses around Respect, a key concept relevant to your character and how others view your impact on their life. This guide will dive into respect of others, and their ideals, and perhaps even more importantly, Self-Respect, the key to becoming the person you truly want to become.

2. The Creators Language: How to Build a Powerful Idea (working title)

This book and course will be focused around helping someone develop themselves into a thought leader by teaching them the path of idea development and ironing in how to create more and more effective iterations of the concepts that they wish to introduce to the public sphere.

3. PathFinder (Also Known as RedPill, also known as Without Compromise)

Description coming soon.

4. Nexus: A Gateway, A Network, A Home (Working Title)

This book can be considered a companion partner to the Deliberation book. Once you have created powerful intellectual property, whether in the form of a construct, like a book, or a concept, like a message, how do you leverage those thoughts? How aware are you of the developed social landscape that comprises your city, and maybe more relevantly, your field? How do you find the right rooms for your agenda, and make your way to your desired outcome? This book will cover these concepts and more.

Once these thoughts and constructs have been ironed out and created, Haven’s educational team will move into phase 2.

Phase 2: Networking into Educational Communities

This Phase will involve Haven networking into education and activist spaces to begin the distribution of these concepts and ideas to the greater public. Our focus is getting more spaces thinking about how to help the average person walk away from an educational experience not just learning more about one subject or another, but taking on life lessons that can help them become more consequential to the people in their life around them.

More on Phase 2 coming soon

Phase 3: Regrouping and Revitalizing

Phase 3 can be considered a companion to Phase 2, this is the regrouping phase where our educational team will use the data we generate from networking to create better, more relevant courses and topics in relation to our chosen subject criteria, social life.

Our Upcoming Leadership YouTube Series

More info on this coming soon 🙂

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our plans for expanding our educational space, and know that this page will be updated soon!

Closing Out

These books and resources will be tools for individuals to use in their search for meaning, but they are not meant to be used in isolation of the community that Haven strives to create. In fact, it is the power of community that will allow the strategies in the books to thrive. We are not just another job training program or a self help concept: rather it is a demonstration of how people do best in community, by creating an empowering support network for artists, creators, and activists to become their best selves, and in the process, create a stronger community.

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