Defund Ward 1

The Freedom Fighters

It’s time to reclaim our city.

Meet John Gonsalves, Ward 1’s City Councilman

Currently, he’s on the fence about defunding the police, however, by working together, we can show him what his constituency really needs.

Where do I begin?

The best way for you to have your voice heard is to use it.
Just 2 or 3 calls can change a city councilperson’s position on an issue.
  • John has already been proven to care a lot about the issues that plague our people.
  • He has been a proponent for neighborhoods across the city together in order to work collaboratively to tackle common neighborhood challenges and city-wide issues.
  • You are his constituency, and his job is to listen to you.

How to speak to John

  1. Hi my name is ____ and I’m from Ward 1.
  2. I want to defund and abolish the police because (tell a personal story or give your reasoning)
  3. Instead I want the city to fund (Housing, Healthcare, Education, Community-based Social Services and Youth Programs.)
  4. Will you commit to defunding the police and funding the community this budget cycle?

What Funding the Community could look like


  • Fund community-based quality, affordable, and long-term housing


  • Fund community-based, voluntary harm-reduction focused community mental health providers

Social Services

  • Ensure our community based organizations have the capacity to meet community needs, to apply for and receive city or county funding


  • Empower students to decide where funding goes in their schools

Thank you

By working together we can ensure a safer and more equitable Providence for all our residents and become an example for other regions to learn from.

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