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Haven as an Agency

When it comes to getting started on the path towards your dreams, or making that next important connection necessary to get a step further on your goals, it can often be overwhelming, especially when you are just starting out on your journey, or are not yet experienced when it comes to networking and becoming well known for your work.

Norman D. Baker, and Jairson Ascencao, are Haven’s current resident Agents. Don’t be afraid to reach out to either of them to get a relevant social boost toward your career goals.

More on Haven as an Agency coming soon…

The Freedom Fighters

The Freedom Fighters Podcast is an up and coming idea developing inside of Haven HQ. The name was coined by Miranda Grundy, a determined Brown University student who is done sitting around watching the working class get pitted against each other while the ultra wealthy sit back and watch from an insulated bubble.

Check Here to learn more about the Podcast, and keep aware about up and coming episodes.

We Are Human

We Are Human is a concept a Salve Regina student named Samantha Dick is developing which she hopes to turn into a true movement. We Are Human focuses on the fact that we are all human and need to focus on that rather than becoming so angry whenever political and polarizing topics come up. Through her work, she hopes to help our society become better able to discuss the cornerstone social topics of our time.

More on We Are Human coming soon….

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