Jairson Ascencao

He’s smiling because he’s excited about life.


Jairson Ascencao is a Rhode Island native who has made his life goal to inspire those around him to become more than what is expected of them. “The individual is far more powerful than we’ve been led to believe” are some of his words that drive him every day to provide a platform of stability for his loved ones to more easily walk down the path towards the people they truly want to become.

Reason For Being a Part of Haven

Haven was an impulse and a place of entertainment for Jairson to begin with. But then, it became a place for him to remind those around him of their inner validity, which has made this group the most fulfilling thing he’s ever done with his life. He continues to be a part of Haven because he believes it can help him establish a public space unlike others, where individuals can participate and make decisions that will have long-term impacts on their lives and the lives of those around them.

Career Interests/Goals for the Future

Currently, Jairson is interested in helping Haven develop intellectual property in order to provide its members with methods of income. His goals are straightforward, though not easy.

  • In his eyes, social skills are the most powerful skill one can gain, as they allow one to more effortlessly walk through the realms of personal, as well as professional interests. So far, he’s seen no attempts by public schools to teach such topics, and so his aim is to change that.
  • Become well networked within Providence and the surrounding areas
  • In order to be able to be an agent for others and provide them with the resources necessary to enact the projects they view as valid
  • Push further into educational and political networks specifically.
  • For Jairson, leadership is key above all else, and he sees the realm of education and politics to be places for him to be impactful for not just the world of today, but future generations as well.

Contact information

Jairson also really likes to climb trees.
  • Instagram/Snapchat: Jairson0
  • Email: Jairsonascencao@gmail.com (If you really want to reach him quickly message him on hangouts)
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